Onawumi Jean Moss is a storyteller, narrator, keynote speaker and author. The performances of this talking book and rhythm master encourage pride of heritage, appreciation of cultural differences and recognition of kinship. Onawumi's solo performances, keynotes, workshops and residencies inspire imagination, motivation, reflection and inquiry.

Onawumi Jean Moss' narratives, lectures, workshops, voice overs and keynotes contain extraordinary dramatic expression, inspirational a cappella music, soulful rhythms and improvisation techniques. Her programs enliven the study of history, culture, social sciences, language arts and performance techniques. Click here for Performance and Workshop Residency descriptions

Professional Voice Overs for:

- Television and radio commercials and promos

- Narration for animations, corporate presentations, training videos, documentaries, audio books and CD's

- Imaging and characterizations

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Keynotes, academic residencies, workshops, and emcee services designed to enhance any program or event.

- Schools (Middle School through College)

- Conference and Business Events

- Storytelling Concerts/Festivals

- Community/Civic and Religious Programs

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"For five years, Onawumi has been a guest lecturer in my First Year Seminar, Improvisational Thinking. This course investigates and seeks to reveal the ways in which people think in the moment. Our students are highly, if not overly, critical of their professors; they demand content as well as style. Each year student evaluations consistently showed Onawumi to be the most admired of our twelve (12) presenters– mostly professors and professional performers. She received high ratings for her ability to make them think, her range, her style and warmth. ...I was so impressed with Onawumi's work that I asked her to co-teach with me. Unfortunately, due to other commitments, she could not. It is very difficult to put into prose who Onawumi is. She is one-of -a-kind."

- Dominic Poccia, Rufus Tyler Lincoln Professor of Biology, Amherst College, MA.

"It is not easy to keep 400 seventh graders attentive at the end of a long day, but that is just what Onawumi did. She began by rapping an introduction to who she was and what she does. Several students were able to join her in the center of the room. Immediately, students were engaged and having fun. They knew she was a person they could relate to. The stories she told were relevant to our curriculum and our students' personal lives. Students observed and adopted important oral presenting techniques based on Onawumi's storytelling style: voice level, eye contact and movements."

- Lynn Podosek, 7th Grade Teacher, Amherst Pelham Regional Schools, Amherst, MA